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Larry Burns' reply back to my email.

Subject RE: DMReview article: Too Simple, Too Soon
Sent on 11/14/2007 05:27 PM
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Thanks, Rich; I appreciate the kind words.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (and writing) about Agile Development. I don’t really have a problem with the idea of iterative development per se, but developers do need to understand that our work is fundamentally different from theirs. We’re more of an infrastructure group, whose mission is to design and build a data delivery infrastructure that can support multiple concurrent data needs across the entire organization. And, like other infrastructure groups, we can’t design and build in response to the needs of the moment; we have to anticipate future requirements as well. Can you imagine what would happen if the Servers group built server machines with only the minimum amount of CPU, memory, and disk space, and then “refactored” them incrementally as needed? We need to be a bit more proactive than this. As playwright Jean Kerr once said about the Modern Theater, “I like to feel that the playwright has done some work before I got there!”.

Thanks again for enjoying the article.