Can you teach me macros?

This is always a tough question to answer.

The long answer is yes. I could teach you to write macros if you and I both had the time to sit down for many hours on a regular basis over a long period of time.

But we both know that we don't. So the short answer is no. However I can point you to a website that walks you through the creation of Excel macros. If you spend the time going through and trying these examples, then perhaps if you need help on one particular item I can then spend the time needed to assist you in that one particular problem.

The first stop:
This seems like as good as a place as any to start out. One note: when the author talks about the visual basic editor, you could consider this to be just another program like Word or Excel, only this program's sole purpose in life is to edit your visual basic code (Visual Basic is the "language" that the macro is created in).

The next stop:
Record actions you take in Excel and take a look at the macro code excel generates for you. This is probably the best way to figure out what excel is doing and how I still continue to build alot of my excel macros.

The next stop:
Take a class: Many community colleges have continuing education courses that walk you through Excel and it's macro language. Most folks I've talked to who have taken these courses really benefit from them.

The last stop:
Go for certification. Studying for the Microsoft Office certification exams for Excel will really help you.

As you can see due to time constraints, I can't really teach you macros, but I can point you in the right direction so you can spend the time yourself learning how to do this.

Until next time...Rich


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