Oracle APEX: A question from my buddy Prabhu

A good friend of mine from my old shop asked me the following:


I am trying to see if I can get a web page with details on installing and creating a application from scratch kind of like a MDA (Model Driven Development). Basically I have a model with some attributes. I want Oracle Application Express to create table and all the CRUD operations around that model and also create a simple site for basic navigation around the data. If you find any site explaining this please send it over to me.

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Prabhu Shanmugam
Senior Solutions Architect"

Hmm... I had to do some looking up MDA and MDD. I might post this question to Oracle's HTMLDB discussion forum, otherwise I'm not sure what to say. Any ideas?

More details to follow...Rich

p.s. Here is the link to the discussion forum...



I did find some information about this and spoke to one of the Architects from Oracle. They would like to call Application Express as DDA (Data Driven Architecture) and sometimes it can be used for Model Driven Architecture. The big difference is that in MDA, Models are abstracted from the database, but in Application Express you start from the data.


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