3rd day at Oracle Open World

You might as well call today the "Jonathan Lewis" day for me. I actually sat in on two of his sessions and learned quite a bit. You can be sure that I'll be buying his book as soon as I get back home. He's really a brilliant fellow and I can't wait to get confused reading about the cost based optimizer.

Uncle Larry Ellison had big news today. Instead of buying Red Hat he decided to decimate the company by basically making it really easy to use Oracle Support instead of Red Hat for any Linux issues. Anyone that buys Red Hat would know that the only reason that their required is for their supporting the OS that comes without support. Now Red Hat has some competition, we'll see how long they can last. Larry basically cut the costs in half (and by 75% for the next 90 days) for all the support plans.

Lastly I sat in on Rich Niemiec teaching bozo's like me how to use StatsPack. It's still a little bit of a mystery but I think perhaps now after Rich telling us how to use it I might be able to figure it out. Overall Rich is awesome to sit and watch (especially when he picks on the developers in the crowd).

After Rich's session (which went 30 minutes overtime) I grabbed a cable car and headed down to the Fisherman's Warf. I stumbled upon Tiernan's Irish Pub and had a pint (or 2) of Harp and a dinner. They actually had live music and while the McSingers were doing their show a big half naked "San Francisco" fellow on roller skates came in and sang Jonny Cash (it was quite hysterical). Overall the food was good and the barkeep friendly, it was a nice place to grab a pint and a plate.

I'm heading to a couple of Stephen Feuerstein sessions beginning at 8am tomorrow and once their complete I'm heading to the airport to go home to see my girls.

Until next time...Rich


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