Top ten magazines for data geeks (DBA's, Data Analysts, Data architects, etc.)

I read way too much. I read magazines, blogs, books, whatever I can get my eyes on. Most of the stuff I read (for work) revolves around the domain of "data". For any other data geeks out there, here's a list of the top magazines (actually physical magazines I receive in my physical mailbox).

1) Oracle magazine: Been reading this for ten years or so, it's a must read for anyone that uses an Oracle database (or has one in their shop, or is thinking about getting one, etc.).

2) Intelligent Enterprise: This is a good magazine for the data architects and analysts out there. It's dbms agnostic (which is nice) and includes articles from folks like Ralph Kimball.

3) Database trends and applications: This magazine has a lousy online presence but does have tons of nice articles every month. I highly recommend reading it if your a data geek. It's also database agnostic, but it does highlight new features of specific vendors, but it's not overly focused on any one vendor.

4) DMReview: DMReview is another good one that I recommend reading. It's absolutely database agnostic, in fact it focuses completely on data architecture, data quality and BI type of stuff. A very nice addition to the mailbox every month.

5) KMWorld: KMWorld is one of those niche magazines that focuses on Knowledge Management (and content management). You'll find articles about real life implementations of content management systems, installation of new search technologies and a whole slew of good stuff. Although it's not 100% data stuff, it's still a great read, two thumbs up.

6) BIReview: A pretty good one focusing on, well, BI stuff. Reporting, dashboards, open source reporting software, you name it. It's a good read.

OK, well... In the title I mentioned 10 magazines.... I'm stuck at 6....huh....

I used to read "Profit" (an Oracle publication that focuses on the business applications side). I must have let my subscription go and to be honest, I don't miss it at all.

I still read InformationWeek every week. It's good to know what's going on in the tech/business world.

I also read CRN which is focused on the supply chain/VAR channel. They mention my old shop all the time in that one (Arrow) and well, I'm nostalgic I guess.

If anyone out there has some recommendations, feel free to post comments.

Until next time...Rich

p.s. A future installment: "Top 10 email lists for data geeks"
p.s.s. Another? "Top 10 RSS feeds for data geeks"


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