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I really liked this posting I saw on LinkedIn:

Web Data Architect at UpCompany

Location: Greater New York City Area
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At UpCompany, we're looking for really smart people who can get things done. We're looking for self-starters -- the kind of people who can be given general directions and execute like mad to drive the business forward. We're looking for insanely creative people who are bubbling with ideas, but who do not get distracted from the big picture. We're looking for strong people who can put their personal ego aside to do what's in the interest of the company. We're looking for people who like to win and know what it takes to do so. If you're the kind of person who is driven to complete things, and likes to work hard while having fun, please apply!

Below are descriptions of a few roles we need filled. Don't worry if you're not an exact match, we're not trying to shoehorn people into fixed slots. UpCompany is a fluid organization, and we're not too concerned with titles. Instead, we're looking for people who can grow with the company. If you're the right person, we'll make it work.

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=== Web Data Architect: ===

Have you built performance-based data services for a transactional website? Are you passionate about website load time? Can you compare and contrast the relative merits of relational, space-based, data cube, key-value, and tree structured data designs. Can you design a heterogeneous data service taking advantage of the relative merits of various technologies to produce a highly data driven, analytical website? Do you wax poetic about the real world differences between memcached, BerkleyDB, and LDAP? Have you researched Google's Big Table, Hadoop/HBase, Amazon SimpleDB, and even tried them on home-grown projects? Have you constructed dimensional star and snowflake databases, but also know when data normalization is inappropriate? Do you passionately believe that Shared Nothing Architecture should properly extend as deep into the data and persistence layer as possible?

At UpCompany, we're looking for someone who is obsessed with the power of data and has the capabilities to bring that power to fruition. Someone who can take the requirements for a massively scalable, fast, data driven website, and produce the active data service needed to implement our vision. This person is pragmatic, and can get an initial system up and running quickly, but excited and self driven and will continuously create incremental improvements which align the capabilities with our vision and direction.

These guys sound like a fun shop, too bad all postings aren't this enthusiastic.


jobs said…
Hey Rich,

Thanks for the kind words. I believe that the success of a company is predicated on having strong team members who come together effectively to solve problems.

UpCompany is real, and we have already built the nucleus of a truly world-class and amazing team. We're tackling some hard problems, and opening up a multi-billion dollar marketplace -- one which has yet to be transformed by the Internet! The excitement is real, and admittedly I don't always take the traditional approach. Of course, that's by design, as traditional approaches yield traditional results -- and startup success is extremely rare.

You can read the rest of my job descriptions on my blog:

On I also describe how I like to build and run software companies, and "Recruitment Culture" is a good article to start with:


Ivan Gevirtz

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