2 new tools I wish Pentaho would build

I sent the following into Pentaho this morning.

Just curious, any intentions of building a data quality tool for profiling & monitoring data? Some of the commercial products include Dataflux, Trillium and Business Objects Insite (spelling?).

Another possible product you folks could consider is something like the following:
My understanding of this software from a presentation I saw about a year ago was that data folks like data analysts that normally build reports using tools like yours or DBA type folks that are SQL guru's could deploy results of queries as web services (I believe REST and SOAP style services).

Just wondering and thanks...Rich Murnane

I see Pentaho as the premier open source data tool vendor. We've been using Kettle (Data Integrator) for some time now and it is a very nice tool. Pentaho's reporting, dashboard and Analysis tools are pretty slick. In order to do what Composite Software's data services does Pentaho could modify their reporting software so that reports not only could return XML, but would be completely web service enabled (i.e. create the WSDL, authentication and authorization, etc.) that would be crazy awesome. And if they created a data quality tool like DataFlux, well, mama-mia, I'd have to move to wherever they had an office and beg them to give me a job.

Fingers crossed and until next time...Rich


Dan said…
Data quality is definately on the radar for Kettle from what I hear...

As for data as a service, again i've heard mentionings of such a thing, but as and when Im not sure!
Matt Casters said…
Did someone mention data as a service? *cough*http://code.google.com/p/buda/ *cough*

I've been prototyping similar things and although I have a naturally built-in loathing for WSDL it would be easy to add that as well. At the moment, things are kinda hectic, but I'm rooting to see BUDA-like capabilities in the Pentaho platform. It would make getting your hands on data a lot easier for the various client tools, including PDI, PMD, etc.
As for DQ/Profiling : believe it or not, but I've been looking into a service driven architecture for that as well. We have a lot of components already in place (Data Acquisition, Sampling, ETL, Analysis, Statistics, etc) and our roadmap says we'll bring you something in before 2008 is at an end.

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