LinkedIn Question: "Who are the best speakers on database technologies? Name your Top Ten!"

My answer:

"Here's my top ten (um, 14+2???) Data/Database conference wish list (in no particular order). Most are focused on Oracle, but the list includes some other awesome data speakers as well.

Tom Kyte
Stephen Feuerstein
Larry Ellison
Bryn Llewellyn
Rich Niemiec
Jonathan Lewis
Joseph Trezzo
Craig Mullins
Bill Inmon
Ralph Kimball
Michael Daconta
Craig Shallahamer
David Loshin
and just for kicks... Edward Tufte (data visualization, but hey, he's awesome)

I'd also love to hear from some folks on Google's BigTable team or Amazon's SimpleDB as technologies like these are very much going to be part of the picture going forward for us data geeks."


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