Google SketchUp

I think of myself as a "wanna-be DIY'er", where I try to DIY things at home and usually end up having to call a professional to fix whatever it is I broke. As such a "wanna-be" I read a blog called "Carpenter Confidential". It's a pretty interesting blog for us "wanna-be's" and reading about how to fix things is alot easier then actually fixing them.

When reading an entry this morning (guess I'm procrastinating here at work, don't tell my boss) the posting mentions a tool called SketchUp from Google. Interestingly enough, I'm actually also a "wanna-be" data geek and after poking around at this website I'm wondering if anyone has done any data models, UML models, data flow diagrams or decision tree's using this tool. It's kind of cool (well, geek-cool) and I might try it out on my next model.

Until next time...Rich


Patrick said…
If you ever found someone doing data diagrams in Google Sketch-Up I'd appreciate knowing about it.


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