Data Quality statistics - looking for current quotes or statistics

I've come across tons of dated statistics for data quality, but they all seem dated and old. Anyone out there have anything more current?

i.e. this link states the following:
* In 2001, Data Quality issues accounted for nearly $600M in losses for US companies
* Up to 88% of data-related projects fail, largely due to issues with Data Quality
* According to the Standish Group, in 1998, 74 percent of all data migration projects either overran or failed, resulting in almost $100 billion in unexpected costs.
* In a survey of 300 IT executives conducted by Information Week, the majority of the respondents (81 percent) said, “improving (data) quality was their most important post-year 2000 technology priority”
* Data Quality issues lead to 87% of projects requiring extra time to reconcile data - TDWI Data Quality Survey, December, 2001
* Data Quality issues lead to lost credibility within a system on 81% - TDWI Data Quality Survey, December, 2001
* Day-to-day operating costs due to bad data are estimated to be as high as 20% of operating profit.


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