Blog Traffic still "Oracle heavy"

I've been keeping track of activity on this blog via Google Analytics and although I believe I've added some interesting posts as of late (most around the Data Quality and Management domains), the most frequently visited blog entry is still my "Installing Oracle Text" posting which I wrote close to two years ago.

Interestingly enough folks are finding it directly from Google searches as this page ranks #2 when you search for "Installing Oracle Text".

Yesterday was a pretty decent day for my most recent posting: "What data do we have", but this Oracle Text post still received much more activity. If you consider the market share or population density, this would make sense as there are many more Oracle DBA's out there in cyberspace then there are "Data Architects" or Data Quality or MDM or Data Governance folks. I do anticipate a "tipping point" is either here or close though.

Until next time...Rich

p.s. I searched for ["data quality" blogs] and mine didn't show up in the top 100, funny.


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