Snowiest month ever in NYC...

Here at the office we've always got CNN going on the big screen in our Operations Center.

As I was picking up some printouts I took a peek and up in the big screen on CNN I saw "Snowiest month ever in NYC". Now, I'm betting that all you Data Geeks out there know where I'm heading with this, I'm thinking:

Please define snowiest!
- is it # inches received per month?
- is it # days during the month snow came down?
- etc...

Kind of silly I guess, but defining these KPIs are super important to a Data Geek like me. I'm pretty sure anyone who might read this blog (other then my Mom) probably already knows what KPIs are, if not please take a peek at the following two sites as they extremely useful and informative.

Is there an authoritative or official data source for this data? I suppose there is somewhere. I wonder how good the quality is of this metric - a.k.a. how reliable is it? Does Pittsburgh measure this the same way NYC does? Did "they" always measure with the same yard stick?

Such a silly little statement makes the gears start spinning, is it five o'clock yet?

Until next time...Rich