The loneliest number

When I was a kid, I used to go down to my Dad and uncle's car shop each and every Saturday and spend the day playing in people's cars while Dad and Uncle Jimmy did their mechanic magic.

Playing on an old car radio which was sitting on a shelf (connected to a series of old car speakers they had strung throughout the shop) was typically a radio station playing "oldies". I remember Dad and my Uncle singing along and whistling and one of the songs I remember hearing quite a bit was "One is the loneliest number" by Three Dog Night.

With that said, I took a peek tonight at my LinkedIn account and noticed the following:

At first glance I was disappointed, but then remembered that quality is better then quantity.

Wonder if Larry E's got a LinkedIn account?

In all seriousness, I remember those rainy days at the shop where perhaps only one or two customer's would pull up. Sure enough most times these days turned out to be the most fun and busy days as these jobs ended up being the big ones, ones that would last a few days or take the entire day and night to finish.

I had some very good memories at that shop, particularly remembering those slow days where we got to focus on the little stuff. Perhaps our lives have become so busy it's time to take a breath and look around to "see" what we've accomplished. Hey, if I can get someone from a big shop like Oracle to take a peek at my profile and "check me out", I'd consider it a good day (or week).

Until next time...Rich


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