One Particular Harbor...

Growing up by a beach here in the US pretty much guarantees you to either love or hate Jimmy Buffett and his island style music. Folks who tend to love it feel a strong connection to the lyrics and the simple rhythms. Those who don’t like it are typically either sick of hearing it all the time or just plain grouchy in general. I myself tend to have the strong connection and find myself humming along to his tunes while writing database code and sitting in endless meetings.

One of my favorite songs by Buffett is a song called “One Particular Harbor”.

In the song, Buffett reminisces about a place he feels very strongly about and misses very much when he’s not there. While hearing it playing (in real life) or humming the song I often wonder if on Buffett’s first trip to this "One Particular Harbor" he knew it was going to be his “One Particular Harbor”.

We’ve all got “One Particular Harbor”, “One Particular Friend”, “One Particular Job”, “One Particular Project” or “One Particular Team”. If your a Data Geek you probably even have “One Particular Database” or “One Particular Table” (yes, I do, some of you out there know what it is - Hint: /*+table(CIG_PART_MASTER)*/ ).

The question is: Did you know it was going to be your “One Particular ..” while you were there? Chances are no, I’d bet you didn’t know. With that said, let’s go out and treat every Harbor, Friend, Job, Project, Team, Database and Table as if one day you’ll be thinking about them while you smile and hum along to your favorite island style music.

Until next time...Rich