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I've caught a stomach bug this weekend so instead of my normal weekend routine (chasing kids and doing yard work) I've been "couch-bound" watching TV. I'm finally starting to feel a little better so I've been playing around on the laptop. There's nothing good on CraigsList today so I decided to take a peek at the latest and greatest "Data Quality Search Trends" on Google Trends. Overall, the results look a little disappointing, maybe I should have just kept watching TV.

Digging a little deeper, I stumbled upon "Google Insights for Search" which I entered the query "Data Quality" and the results there look just as grim over a long period of time, but there are a few things of note which look promising.

1st promising thing: "Google Insights for Search" The tool is kind of neat and I'm kind of digging it (maybe it's so cool because I have a fever?).

2nd promising thing: Between 10-25% of the searches are somehow categorized into "business", which I see as a good thing.

3rd promising thing: 2 out of the top 10 top searches relating to "Data Quality" are for an actual use case, data quality about water!

Note: Embedding script here, which should update real-time...

4th promising thing: People are curious about "Quality", hence the top trending "rising search" "what is quality" found in the following list:

Note: Embedding script here, which should update real-time...

I presented at an Enterprise Information conference a few weeks ago and spoke with an IT staff fellow from a large company and he was intrigued with my company's data quality and governance story. He noted that nowhere in his entire shop were folks managing their data "assets" in a formal manner. He also noted that this was causing him grief at the IT "operational" level. Lastly, he noted that he didn't even really know that Data Governance and Quality programs like ours existed. For me it was a neat and humbling experience. Here's a fellow who's been doing senior IT work for probably close to two decades and he's never really been exposed to formal data management practices.

I'm still thinking this whole "Data Quality" thing is going to take off like a rocket one of these days. We'll see what the triggering event is which makes it happen.

Until next time...Rich

p.s. Anyone know why South Africa would be the region most interested in Data Quality?


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