DataGeek talks tough...

See what happens when DataGeek's neighbor does one of the worst things any DataGeek can do: The big "OOPS, I thought I was in development".

This ever happen where you work?

Hopefully you have processes and procedures in place so this doesn't happen. I've seen it happen a few times over the years to both very senior DBA's and junior analysts. People deserve second chances and hopefully if this does happen at your shop people respond better than DataGeek has here.

Good DBA's will have a strategy for recovery for situations like this. I'd recommend you having the uncomfortable conversation with your DBA and ask them what they would do if this happened. You might even consider performing a test if you're feeling ambitious.

Until next time...Rich

P.S. If someone does "the big OOPS" two or three times, it might be time to do the "Donald Trump".

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