DMReview: The Future of Data Management

While reading through my pile of magazines, I came across this article in dmReview which I think is really great.

The author (Michael Scofield) breaks down our future as data professionals into categories:
  • Know your business
  • Know your Enterprise's data
  • Give Up Idealism in Data Management
  • Engage the Organization and its People
  • Pick Your Battles
Some notable quotes from the article:
  • "Do not think in PowerPoint, which is a mere vehicle of expression of ideas that are hopefully recorded in greater detail on some other "canvas" (such as a Microsoft Word document)".
  • "You must deliver value to the organization constantly and immediately."
  • "if a project is on the road to failure, let it fail. Don't get involved." <--this one was a new concept for me!
  • "when you do win, communicate your success. Make sure everyone in the enterprise knows the value of data and information"
  • "If an office secretary is having trouble with Excel, help her out. Solve her problem immediately. Learn to be a good coach. Make her so happy she gives you chocolate." <--this one makes me think of my "Can you teach me macros" posting
This article really drove home many of the things I strongly believe in. Being a data professional is more then building models and coding applications, it's being an asset to the organization in a way that IT really has never been before (a true business partner).

Until next time...Rich


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