Daylight Savings Time change, don't underestimate the changes you might need to make...

I must be in la-la land, because I knew the change to daylight savings time was coming but I didn't prepare for it. I didn't think that Oracle would have patches and I'd have to be doing them (they do), Microsoft would be releasing patch after patch (or update after update) for both the OS and for tools like Outlook and Exchange (yes all three need to be patched/updated). I didn't think that my Palm OS would need to be updated (it does).

Silly Silly me...

I ran the updates on my windoz box and sure enough I've experienced some ut-ohs. Essentially all my calendar events that are scheduled between March 11th and April fools day (ironic?) are incorrect. At least palm warned us this might happen
"Palm Desktop users: You may experience shifting Calendar events during the periods of 3/11/07 to 4/1/07 and 10/28/07 to 11/4/07."

Silly Silly me for not reading about this earlier.

Overall this has now caused me personally more grief then Y2K. Yes, for Y2K we had to sort through tons of lines of code, but on Y2K day everything was OK, no hassle. Today I'm experiencing confusion and I'm really concerned about the mass confusion which can be expected next week (and the week after) when folks who are sillier then me actually start having problems.

Silly Silly me...

Until next time...Rich


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