Oracle Data Integrator: my first glance...

My CTO recently asked me about Oracle's new "Oracle Data Integrator" product and I have to admit at first I thought Oracle had just re-branded the Data Warehouse Builder product. Upon further research I found the following buried in one of the docs:

What is Oracle Data Integrator?
Oracle Data Integrator streamlines the high performance movement and
transformation of data
between heterogeneous systems in batch, real time, synchronous,
and asynchronous modes; it
dramatically enhances user productivity with an innovative, modularized design
approach and built-in connectivity to all major databases, data warehouse appliances,
analytic applications and
SOA suites.
Oracle Data Integrator includes graphical modules and software agents that allow you to:
- Reverse engineer application models.
- Check data consistency.
- Design, test, operate and maintain interfaces between applications.
- Check the data flows processed by the interfaces, with error
isolation and/or recycling.
- Identify missing data input.
Who is Oracle Data Integrator designed for?
Most of the Oracle Data Integrator modules are designed for computer specialists
(project managers, programmers, data administrators, etc),
who are involved in an application interfacing project. These are people who:
- Have a complete functional knowledge of all source and/or target applications
- Are responsible for operating interfaces
Why Oracle Data Integrator?
IT solutions dedicated to a job function are becoming more frequent in companies.
In this context, data must be synchronized throughout the company Information System.
With Oracle Data Integrator, you can:
- Increase the productivity of projects involving data transfer and/or
These projects include migration, installation of packages, construction of
secured databases for the Internet, installation of datawarehouse and
datamarts, and synchronization of heterogeneous applications.
- Improve the quality of the company's data, in both old IT applications
and new ones.
- Improve inter-application dialog by having interfaces executed


The homepage for the product is found at

I've downloaded the software and I'm going to poke around a bit. The funny part of this story is that yesterday my buddy Prabhu also asked me about the product, so I better get going on my research!.

More info to follow in a future post...Rich


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