DAMA-NCR quarterly meeting - September 15th, 2009

Attended the DAMA-NCR quarterly meeting and I really enjoyed the presentations.

The first presentation was by Aileen Morse, the Chief Enterprise Architect at the World Bank. Ms. Morse's discussion was focused on a "EA 2.0" type of theme and I found her presentation very candid, interesting and informative. A salient point from the presentation would be that "EA 2.0" can focus on short term initiatives so that an EA team continually shows value added to an organization. Ms. Morse used the sentence "what have you done for me lately?" on more then one occasion to emphasize how business leaders feel about their IT staffs. I'm pretty sure all who attended found her presentation to be quite fun to sit in on.

The second presentation was by a fellow named Brent Janorske who works for a small company you might have heard about (IBM). The presentation was about "Managing Data Growth and Data Privacy" which focused on the capabilities of a IBM tool (named Optim) picked up from a company called "Princeton Softech". This Optim tool would be very useful for a data management group shop at a large company as it seems to focus on two tasks that are very painful for a DBA team to do:
- archiving data which is no longer used in applications
- creating development/QA databases

Overall a good day and I'd recommend any data geeks out there to look into joining their local DAMA chapter as each meeting attended by myself prove to be time well spent.

Until next time...Rich


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