Great circle distance Microsoft Excel Function

Just because you have to use excel once in a while, here's a little vba function for calculating distance between two points using the great circle distance formula.

Public Function fxGreatCircleDistance( _
pLat1 As Double, _
pLong1 As Double, _
pLat2 As Double, _
pLong2 As Double)
vDenom = 57.29577951
fxGreatCircleDistance = _
6372.795 * _
(Application.Acos(Round((Sin(pLat1 / vDenom) * _
Sin(pLat2 / vDenom)) + (Cos(pLat1 / vDenom) * _
Cos(pLat2 / vDenom) * _
Cos(pLong2 / vDenom - pLong1 / vDenom)), 15)))

Until next time...Rich


JP said…
If you were interested, here's a way to get the latitude and longitude for your function:
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