Data Quality mentioned in a Gartner keynote?

I started following Gartner's data guy - Ted Friedman on Twitter recently and yesterday he added the following tweet:

"#dataquality directly mentioned in #gartnersym opening keynote -- survey show 75% of finance execs consider DQ an issue."

I wonder how we could get our hands on that survey without paying crazy dollars to Gartner. What are the other issues on their minds, is this the most important, second, third?

Perhaps we are in fact at a "tipping point" in the data quality industry. Maybe data quality is (rightfully) one of Gartner's buzz words this year? Taking a look at the job boards today tells us that there are in fact 670 jobs posted on today which mention "data quality" and only 147 that mention "enterprise architect". If anyone out there reads this posting they are probably the type of person who knows that Gartner really pushed "enterprise architecture" and architects over the past few years, maybe we are in fact seeing a shift in focus?

Here's a pic of some of the keywords I'm going to start tracking on Monster and Dice. Too bad I didn't think of this earlier as I'm just fascinated in trends, particularly those that matter to our profession.

Until next time...Rich


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