DataFlux Ideas conference

A couple folks from my shop and I headed down to Amelia Island last week for the annual DataFlux ideas conference. On top of learning a ton of new information on how to run a Data Governance group and how to build some seriously cool DataFlux jobs, I'd say we represented our firm very well.

My friend and I did a 45 minute presentation on "Our first year with DataFlux" which had about 20 or so attendees. We had a few folks come up to us after the presentation telling how much they liked it which was great.

The president of my company (Bruce) and I did a PodCast for the "BeyeNetwork":
That was fun, I was a bit nervous but I think it came out pretty good.

We had one of our professional service clients at the show as well (we do some contracting work) as they purchased DataFlux at our request on a week or so ago. I think we did a good job "hosting" him and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself.

Bruce sat in on an executive panel with the President of DataFlux and a fellow who is considered an industry thought leader. The panel presented in front of the entire forum (around 150 folks) and Bruce came off like a genius (go figure, am I biased?).

My company was one of five clients to receive an award at the show: we brought in the "customer appreciation" award which was quite a surprise!

My favorite presentation was David Loshin's Data Governance "class". I wish I had attended his discussion last year as it would have been nice to learn some of the things he talked about before we ventured down this Data Quality initiative we set out on a year ago.

To make a long story short, we had a great time and I think we represented our company very well.

Until next time...Rich


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