LinkedIn question: "Open source ETL for MySql ?"

I answered the following question on LinkedIn which earned me a "best answer" so I thought I'd share.

"Can anybody suggest a good Open source ETL for MySql ?"

"We've had significant success using Pentaho's Data Integration Tool which used to be called "Kettle". The tool has a very good (responsive) forum, is very easy to use, performs and works extremely well. It's easy to build transformation jobs using their GUI tool and you can run them there in the GUI or take the file and run it on a server using their batch commands (normal shell scripting skills required). We do run into minor glitches/frustrations here and there when building some more complex jobs, but for "free" it's worth digging around on their forum to determine the solution or work-around. From my experience, this tool has the functionality to cover probably around 95-99% of all the ETL requirements I've seen over the last 15 years of my career. Hope this helps...Rich


Add on note: We're using the community (free) version...

Until next time...Rich


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