Data Quality - "Show me the money"

Depending on who you talk to, the best quote of the movie "Jerry Maguire" is either:
- "You complete me" - for the sappy folks, even requoted in one of the Batman movies
- "Help me help you" - Marty Moseley posted a really good post around this theme on the Initiate Blog - I recommend taking a read when you get a moment.
- "Show me the money" - perhaps one for those out there on who find themselves to be on the "ambitious" side.

When talking about Data Quality, you've got to go with "Show me the money"!!!

Ted Friedman tweeted the following today and I couldn't agree any more: "Results from recent study: >35% of orgs working on #dataquality have no clue how much DQ issues cost them. Don't measure = can't manage."

Here at my shop, it took a very long time for us to "sell" the fact that we needed to address data as an asset and to do so we needed to establish a new "Data Management organization" to our senior managers. Our first two attempts focused primarily on technology and of course these attempts failed miserably. The third "sell" focused on the important stuff: dollars (increased revenue and lowered costs) along with a little reduction in risk and a bit of "better customer satisfaction" and sure enough we landed the sale.

It's simple: "Show me the money" works in any business - including data quality.

Until next time...Rich