Data Management: Client Advisory Board – What would you talk to your clients about?

I’ve got the unique opportunity today to present and chat (about data) with over a dozen of my shop’s largest clients. Imagine if you will that you had a chance to talk with one or two people from each of your largest clients and these clients worked for some very large organizations, firms you find on lists like “Fortune 500” kind of clients. What would you talk to them about?

For a few days I was having a bit of writer’s block and was fumbling around in my mind - searching for some great idea - some “wow” kind of stuff. I finally had a chance to talk about this to my wife and sure enough her words of wisdom were – “what do they need to know about data?”.

“What do they need to know about data” – such a simple concept, I wish I thought of it…

So, “What do they need to know about data” it is. I’m planning on “wow”-ing them with a simple presentation consisting of topics like:

- What we (both the client and my organization) do today and how well we do it
- What sort of issues (social & communication issues, data quality issues, etc.) we face today and why we face them
- What we could do better and why it’s important that we get this right
- What we want to do in the future and why it should be seen as “wow” kind of stuff
- All this with a little bit of “show me the money” sprinked in

Heading in to the meeting shortly, wish me luck and let me know how you might have approached this.

Until next time…Rich


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