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For years I've been fascinated with Data Visualization (aka DataVis, aka Visual Representation, aka DataViz) and I keep a big folder of clippings of great graphs and neat pictures of data represented in graphics. We spend soooo much time on acquiring data, profiling and analyzing data, monitoring data, archiving it, etc. that I consider Data Visualization projects to be the "fruit of all our effort".

I recently received an email from an old friend asking about Data Visualization and sent him the below message. The note received mentioned that he has a friend who is starting out looking for good Data Visualization links and tips - particularly around the transportation industry (which is why I posted the two "maps" links).

For a long time I was very "high" on Edward Tufte stuff (reading, website, etc.), but lately I've shied away from his stuff as his writings feel very "academic" and not very "how to". I've also always been fascinated with the nutritional information graphics on cereal (and other product) boxes, not sure why but they get right to the point and I can appreciate that very much.

I should probably post some of my favorite clippings here on this blog, will make a note to do so over the next few weeks.

Until next time...Rich

email response below

Hey Man, sorry it took so long to get back to you, was at a conference in Boston last week and I've been very busy since I got back to the office.

Here's a couple links you might want to pass off:


Other links:

The economist magazine has some good stuff once in a while:

TDWI has cool posters/images once a year:

Twitter folks to follow for Data Visualization:

Hope this helps and I'll call you this week...Rich


UpLoad_U said…
Hey Richie- I have looked and played around with these visualization links- I especially like the link
We use Thinking Maps with the students all of the time- but this tool rocks! I will integrate this into my lessons this year! Stay posted- Love Your Big Sister!
Rich said…
A great video:
Awesome #DataViz Video - David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization Link #Data #DataVis

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