Bigger isn't better, better is better...

"Bigger isn't better, better is better!" was the battle cry used by an executive at a company I used to work for and I couldn't agree more with this philosophy. While reading through all the articles/posts/tweets about Big Data these days, I'm enjoying some of the more recent posts/tweets out there about Data Hoarding such as Jim Harris' "The Big Data Lebowski" post for Information Management which can be read here.

Data Hoarding isn't a new thing, people have been squirrelling away data for decades and I even found some comic relief about Data Hoarding on YouTube (A&E "Hoarders" style), take a peek:

On March 1st of this year, Google's new privacy policy becomes effective and sure enough Google is flat out telling us that they will be Data Hoarding pretty much anything they can about the activities we're performing on the web. Google is one of of the few companies out there where the staff would never be told "Bigger isn't better, better is better!", but for the rest of us (you know, the ones with limited budgets & resources, the other 99% of us), we need to make sure we're got plans in place for our Data Hoarding habits, hopefully before the hoarding begins. If I should be lucky enough to become part of the 1% and my shop decides to start Data Hoarding, my plans would need to include things like:

1) A clear business case for the value of the Data Hoarding.
2) At least two senior managers/executives who we'd consider "Executive Sponsors" of the project. Why two? Sometimes these executives decide to go play golf, you never know...
3) A Data Management A-Team: A team who's sole purpose is to ensure the health and happiness of the data which is being hoarded.
4) A clear authority to change processes which impact the data being hoarded.
5) The necessary technology/tools to manage the hoarded data in a mature manner.

Let's see what DataGeek has to say about the subject:

Until next time...Rich

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Awesome, İ understand, there is sooo much spin in things these days!

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