DataGeek & The Age of the Platform...

DataGeek just finished publishing a reviewing a book named "The Age of the Platform" on!

Here's what I wrote:

I really enjoyed this book, primarily for three reasons. It’s current, relevant, and interesting.

Current: Phil Simon is writing about the four hottest companies in today's world, he calls them the "Gang of Four" (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon). Simon's book illustrates why recently unfolded events have had a significant impact on not only these companies but everyone else doing business today. He then goes one step beyond this and ties these events to historical events to illustrate the similarities (and differences) in the behavior of the "Gang of Four" to the most successful companies of generations past.

Relevant: Do you want to know how to do business in today's "flat world"? Read this book! I say this because Simon is providing a framework for running a successful business platform in any industry you might find yourself working in. Note here I said "business platform" and not "technology platform". This book is about your business and how technology can help it, it is not about running a technology shop and it is certainly not a "techie" book.

Interesting: If you like "tech" books, "business" books or any sort of non-fiction I'm pretty sure you'll find this book to be an interesting read. It's very hard not to have a different perspective on either the "Gang of Four" or your own business after reading this book.

In summary, this is one of those books you'll read and find yourself thinking about when you’re not reading. You'll find yourself reading it a second time and skimming through it a few times after that. Not bad for a $20 investment.

Until next time...Rich

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