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The web: A weird and sometimes wonderful place

Top ten magazines for data geeks (DBA's, Data Analysts, Data architects, etc.)

Another really awesome way to do graphs, let Google do the work for you...

More data sets:

British Seagull race around Bermuda

New graphing javascript library: Flot

Printing time elapsed between two dates in Oracle

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7.5th Floor Blog entry: Defining Neighborhoods

At least MS Access doesn't have a limit on rowcount..

Download a copy of the National Counterterrorism Center WITS dataset

What to do with

Business Management: "A new approach to database management"

Websafe: Virtual Safety Deposit Box

Follupup: (DMReview article: Too Simple, Too Soon) Larry Burns replies back

What's better then carving pumkins at the workplace?

DMReview article: Too Simple, Too Soon

Good tip from Eli Journals

DAMA-NCR chapter meeting, November 5, 2007

Triggers: why do developers like them so much?

Book review: Information as Product by Michael Daconta

Oracle home on a SAN?

My Oracle Blog Roll

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Conference season

Hibernate and surrogate keys

How to rip a phonebook in half...

A really funny YouTube video...Trojan Horse....

New feeds I've added to my reader....

Great social networks video...

Oracle's lousy job at marketing PL/SQL...

Dr. Dobbs: Questioning Traditional Data Management

Search Funnels

Updated OSM tools by OraPub (Craig Shallahamer)

SQL for Analysis and Reporting

Intuit Quickbase...the new MS Access???

Ted Talks on Google

DST: Don't say I didn't tell you so....

Course next week: Advanced Reactive Performance Management for Oracle Based Systems

Daylight Savings Time change, don't underestimate the changes you might need to make...

Google Reader vs. the Google "My Homepage"

Oracle Data Integrator: my first glance...

Spam is getting scarier

Why Not Oracle? Search Engine

JIRA and Confluence by Atlassian