I came across Alf Pedersen's Blog post this past weekend which highlighted how Application User interface design should not be the sole influence of a database design. The article Alf pointed out was written by one of the founders of Blink, which was(is?) a Web bookmarking tool that can be used by folks to create bookmarks that can be portable from one machine to the next. The article is an interesting read in itself, but the overall topic of bookmarks got me thinking about Blink, Delicious and the like.

I've actually been using StumbleUpon to manage my own bookmarks for a while now. If I find a page I like, I just click on the "thumbs up" button, and Viola, I have a bookmark (kind of). But I thought to myself, what's the harm and I decided to give Delicious a try. When poking around at Delicious, I found that there are a couple other sites that pretty much do the same thing. They are and

One thing I noticed is that folks can actually tag their own page, which I thought was interesting. One of my favorite topics is database design, here is the tag for all three services on that topic:

I'm still in the "evaluation" phase, but once I find myself happy with one of the tools I'll let you know.

Until next time…Rich