PL/SQL Class...

Yesterday I had the chance to teach an "Intermediate PL/SQL" class to some 30+ colleagues at my company. Overall it was quite an enjoyable experience, I think I did an OK job. I've taught smaller classes (4-6 people) and I've done shorter presentations before (30+ people for 40 minutes or so) but I've never actually run a 5 hour class for so many people.

Calling the class "Intermediate" was a little bit of a stretch. When preparing for the class I figured out that most of the folks who would be attending had attended a "day one" class many months ago and had not really done any development since. In retrospect it was really more of a "getting started" class with a little bit of "Intermediate" topics thrown in here and there.

Some of the more positive things that happened were
- I got to put faces on many names of folks I had previously either only corresponed to in email or over the phone.
- The folks actually clapped an ovation when I finished the class
- Got some positive feedback (I'm going to be sending out a survey today to get formal feedback).
- I met a few Kindred Spirits whom I hope I can keep up with and grow my professional network.

Like I said earlier, it was really a great experience and I'm really glad I did it. I hope the surveys come back positive and we'll see what happens next.

Until next time...Rich