Google Calculator

I stumbled upon Google Calculator this morning, yet another reason to applaud the search engine giant. At first I thought, "well, that's nice that they can do additions/subtractions", but when I went to their "Quick Reference Guide" I was wowed by some of the features.
  • Basic Arithmetic: like I said, this isn't all that earth shattering. The cool thing is now I won't have to open Microsoft Calculator or Excel every time I need to do any math I can't do in my head.
  • Advanced Math: ahh, this is getting more interesting. Sin/Cos/log/exponentials, really not too bad.
  • Units of measures and conversions: HOLY COW. I work for a large electronics firm and I don't know electronics, so now I can not only do Googles "Define" function to figure out (quickly) what my colleages are talking about but I can do unit of measure conversions. Not only simple ones like seconds to hours, but it does complex conversions (like microFarad to nanoFarad conversions). I can't tell you how many times I had to go searching for websites to do unit of measure conversions here at my company, now I'll just ask father Google (and like any good Daddy, with father Google, ask and ye shall receive).
Until next time...Rich


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