Data Quality issue "in real life" - and we thought we could get away with it...

Yesterday morning my VP sent me a link to a vendor who was selling 23" desktop monitors for $46.00 (w/ a $20 shipping fee). Firmly believing that we'd get away with it, a bunch of us knuckle-heads whipped out our AMEX cards went online ordered away - thinking we'd be getting a sweet deal on some monitors.

Sure enough, 20 minutes or so later we all received emails stating the "orders could not be processed".

"I would have got away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

So, it was some sort of scam or a Data Quality issue? I'd bet "all in" that it was a DQ issue since I like to believe people aren't inherently evil.

Jim Harris loves writing about these DQ-IRL (Data Quality In Real Life Issues). He's posted a good one today on the DataFlux Community of Experts site, take a peek at this link. Jim recommends using the Twitter Hash tag #DQ-IRL for instances of Data Quality in Real Life Issues. Let's all try to find some more and post them over the next few weeks, perhaps the best tweet/BlogPost can be declared "King (or Queen) of the world"!

Until next time...Rich


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