Oracle's metalink using HTML DB.

As posted on Tom Kyte and Scott Spendolini's Blogs, Oracle switched over to HTML DB for their customer "Tar" (or issue) website this past weekend. I logged in this morning just to see how it looked and it looked nice. However at 10:40 am eastern time I tried logging in (for a real life situation) and oopps, it's hanging.

Now I'm not trying to be a cynic here, I'm just wondering what is happening and if Oracle will "share" their real life experience with those of us whom may/may not decide to use the software to build applications. Let's see what Oracle says about the issue (or if they even say anything at all). Perhaps their getting a ton of requests they normally don't since it is "new". I do wonder.

Until next time...Rich


Rich said…
it's 3:30 pm eastern and Metalink seems to be up and functional. Probably just growing pains (I hope)...Rich