At least MS Access doesn't have a limit on rowcount..

Sometime ago I wrote about "Intuit Quickbase". Well, we learned the following this week (the hard way of course).... (The best part is "keep the quick in QuickBase" comment.)

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007
Subject: ALERT: Records cannot be added to Database: Document Library

We are writing to you because Joe QuickbaseUser reported that the application, "myQuickbase Application name here" Document Library belonging to the account account_name_here for which you are an administrator, has reached its maximum size. To resolve this issue please read this knowledge base article.

From the page:
Question: I got an error: "Table Size Limit has been Reached."
Answer: This error indicates that you've taken up all the storage space for a particular table. In order to keep the "quick" in QuickBase, tables have a maximum size limit. To see how close you are, you can check your application’s statistics from any page within your application: From the menu, select Customize > Application. Click on the Misc tab and click the “Show Application Statistics” link.

To solve a size limit problem you can do one of two things:

- Archive or delete data. Trim your table back down to a more efficient size. Doing so helps keep your application humming along. You can archive records by exporting data out of QuickBase (please read: or archive records into a separate QuickBase application using the "Import from Table" feature (please read:


- Submit a support case. If archiving or deleting data poses a serious problem for you, please discuss your situation with QuickBase support. We're always happy to hear how you're using QuickBase, so we can help you get the most out of it. You can enter a support case from any application page by selecting Help > QuickBase Support Center and clicking the “send a message to our support staff” link.


nmatteucci said…
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David said…
Hi, Rich.

Before I comment I should tell you that I work at QuickBase as the customer support manager, and I'm glad to see QuickBase compared to the likes of MS Access. It's true that neither tool teaches novice developers about the finer points of software development or database design, but we agree that it's easier for the average business user to create a working solution in QuickBase than in Access. Who doesn’t love common ground?

As for our table (rowcount) limits, yes we do have a limit and we do use it to keep the "quick" in QuickBase. Hosting thousands of customer-built applications and delivering strong performance at the same time is a balancing act that these limits help with. As you found, when a customer needs more space all they have to do is create a support case. Our support team can teach customers about archiving data, designing for efficiency, and if necessary increase their table limits. All in all, most customers don’t hit these limits and the ones that do get an education in data structure and efficiency... For free!

We value solid feedback about QuickBase and opportunities to learn from our customers, so thanks for caring enough to post about this.

Dave McCormick
Customer Support Manager
QuickBase, Inc.

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