What to do with sqlquery.com?

I've owned the domain sqlquery.com for quite some time now and all these years later I still don't know what to do with it.

My original thought was that I was going to do tons of side jobs (consulting) and sqlquery.com could be my side job business home. I added the cool navigation tree (well, it was cool years ago), have a news feed there from my buddy (woodstockwire.com) but I still don't know where it's going or what it should be for.

I've thought about hosting this blog there, maybe...

It comes down to identity, what is sqlquery.com? Is it a place for data pro's to go to read about data? Is it an archive of Oracle stuff? Is it just a holding place for a future business?

I suspect that tons of domains fall into this category. Cool domain names without cool websites.

I'm going to start thinking more about this, we'll see what I do. One thing's for sure, I doubt it will continue to look and feel the way it does for very long (something's gotta change).

Until next time...Rich


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