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I subscribe to tons of emails with tips and articles and the like. Found this in my inbox this morning from Eli Journals:

Simplify client installs with Instant Client (10g)
If you need to put an Oracle client on several workstations--or if you simply want the Oracle client on a flash drive--Oracle now has a solution to fit your needs. With 10g, Oracle has introduced Instant Client. It’s the barebones software for making a connection to Oracle.

In addition to the platform downloads, there are several Instant Client packages you can download from Oracle, such as Basic, Basic Light, JDBC, and SQL*Plus, among others (installing Instant Client requires at least the Basic or Basic Light package). Each package is a small ZIP file and doesn’t require installation itself. Instant Client and the packages are available at

You can use Instant Client for a variety of purposes, such as on Linux to allow Tora to connect to a database, or on Microsoft Windows as a quick way to use SQL*Plus from a flash drive.

To use Instant Client:
1. Unzip the files
2. Add the location of Instant Client to your path, along with TNS_ADMIN, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, SQL_PATH and NLS_LANG.

To utilize Instant Client on a flash drive, set up a quick batch file for Windows in order to set the variables:

SET SQLPATH=%CD:~0,3%scripts\sql

This is necessary because you typically don’t know which drive letter it will map to from system to system.

You should also modify the SQLPATH and NLS_LANG variables to fit your environment. Then, simply open up a command prompt (cmd), cd to the client directory, and run your batch file.

This tip was contributed by Scott Dial.


jim1221 said…

We also receive email from Eli Journals - hundreds of thousands of spam email that has crippled our mail server and cost our company time and money. Eli Journals is a blatant Spammer -
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